Top Body Wand Products to Buy for Her

Top Body Wand Products to Buy for Her

        Bodywands are brilliant products created specifically for “stimulation” and it comes in handy for clitoral and overall body massage. A wand vibrator differs from a traditional vibrator in that most are not meant for penetration, but for clitoral stimulation or use on other external body parts. Rather than being phallic shaped, most wand massagers have a large, round, head with a flexible neck that can bend and vibrate against a wider surface area than a more pointed sex toy. Spencer’s has all types of wand vibrators, from portable to plug-in and rechargeable varieties for all your erotic needs.

         Sometimes you have a lot of time to slowly daydream about erotic events of the past or to fantasize about your favorite possibilities of the future. In those moments you might choose the fully rechargeable Body wand. The fact is, the entire collection of Body wand Sex Toys are carefully crafted to give you the same great orgasmic results anytime, anywhere and any way you want them. That’s the real beauty of the Body wand. It puts you in complete control of your own sexual destiny. Easy to care for, simple to master and always ready for another go as soon as you reach for the only sex toy you’ll ever want.

         Some of the most popular bodywand products actually have electronic components while the manual ones simply allow you to apply a more consistent pressure on the area you want to stimulate without needing to put any undue strain on your hands and fingers. These products come in the forms of rollers as well as multipurpose massagers that can be used to target trigger points and promote tickle. While you can use these products on your own, many people prefer to use them with a partner for mutual feelings. The full Body wand assortment of sex toys are exclusively available for you;

Types of Back and Bodywand
  • Handheld bodywands

     Can be great tools to target a stiff back. These products are designed with an ergonomic handle to alleviate some of the awkwardness that you might encounter when simply trying to reach your clit with your hands. Many of them also have several different attachments and settings to allow you to target G-spot to turn them ON and control the intensity of your massage.

  • Dampened Bodywand

    These are another product that can be used to take your sensational feelings to the next level. These bodywands typically fit into your use including state of matter. They can be dampened, immersed inside water and use in the bathroom. Many people will use these wands in the pools to make their commute a more pleasant experience or in the leisure to lessen tension. Below are examples of bodywand products;

       1. Body Wand Aqua Massage Wand Vibrator

     Experiment with 8 patterns of vibration and a 1 touch speed control to set your desired mode for thrilling pleasure. The strong vibrations are transmitted through the premium-grade silicone head when activated by user-friendly buttons on the smooth plastic body. Turns out life in plastic really IS fantastic! The only thing that could make this wand any better is a generous splurge of your best-loved water-based lube to help it glide effortlessly across naked skin.


      2. Mini Diamond Wand Massager

     Massage all your most sensitive parts with the four-inch Waterproof Mini Diamond Wand Massager. This pretty massager makes your solo sexy time or intimate moments with your partner a lot friskier as you run this sex toy up and down your body or your partner’s. It’s portable enough to take with you whenever you feel the urge, and powerful enough to deliver the sensations you crave!



      3. Body wand USB Pink Intimate Massager

        Bring some excitement to your intimate encounters with the USB Intimate Massager from Body wand. This silicone intimate massager has been smartly designed to provide you with a satisfying sexual experience, all thanks to a control dial that offers great speed and stimulation control for your intimate area. Subdued sound levels make this personal intimate massager ideal for using solo or with your partner, taking you from a light sensation to a powerful pulse as desired. The wireless massager is rechargeable with a USB cable, making it easy to use at home or when traveling.

        4. Bodywand 5 Function Mini Massager Vibrator

       It might not be a wand you’d find at Hogwarts from its outward look, but this mini Bodywand is all about magical sensations. Explore its 5 bewitching modes and glide it over tired muscles for powerful relaxation, or intimate areas to conjure out-of-this-world climaxes. The rounded head sits on a highly flexible neck to help massage hard-to-reach spots, while the soft, cushioned cover enhances sensation, slipping off easily after use for thorough cleaning and stimulation.

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