Top 5 sex toys for winter holidays and Christmas

Holidays are always pretty wholesome, especially during the winter, the chilling days of Christmas – Santa Claus, Xmas songs, cookies and wrapping papers (gifts) with excitement and lots more, not to mention spending time with family and loved ones. Most importantly the way you and your partner are getting your vacation jollies off in the bedroom. Even if your sex life is red hot enough to the extent of melting all of the snow outside, chances are that your honey bunny won’t mind receiving a sexy pack of gift this Christmas to spice up your sex life. While some men are intimidated by the mere thought of her using sex toys, other men know that there is no way a battery operated boyfriend or one of its orgasm-inducing cousins can replace the sexual intimacy and pleasure he will find in her during real, live intimate moments. Together, you can both reach heights unparalleled by incorporating toys into your love play.

However, there’s no reason a man can’t take the occasion as an opportunity to spice things up with his lover. While sexy Christmas gifts may be appropriate for every new couples, those who have established trust, communication and comfort around sex over time can benefit immensely from intimate sex lifestyles. You both fantasize about having a super-hot sex life together well into the New Year. So why don’t you try sex toys as gift from Santa for him/her this winter. Our varieties of Sexy Christmas gifts for him and her are definitely in order!

There are now series of new sex products available to satisfy your needs in this winter and Christmas period, these include;

Santa Vibrators, Dildos and Dongs

These are specially packed for Christmas. If a partner is new to this tantalizing toy, starting small with a little “egg” or a design that fits on the finger may be best. If he or she wants a dildo and vibrator combo, this should be taken into account. These are vibrators that warm up to suit the weather so the partner can be surprised when the other kicks it into gear from across the room. Get creative; peruse the many options available, and think of what a partner might enjoy most.

Xmas Lingerie Pack

Buying lingerie for a lover works out perfectly for most men; but for others, they might be of the thought-what if it doesn’t fit? What if his lover is turned off, or even offended, by his choice? For these reasons, some men might prefer to slip a gift certificate to a quality lingerie shop into his lover’s stocking. Or, if his partner isn’t too invested in surprises, he can simply offer to take his partner on an exciting shopping trip. But lingerie are superb, they are like appetizer to sexual awareness and arousal.

Winter Lubes and lotions

Lubes and lotions make everything feel that little bit more amazing. Lube removes frictions and makes everything smooth thereby causing easy sexual motions. Grab a body massage lotion as well as lube for toys and general play… and hear the difference in her moans.

Xmas Suppression Kit

Many couples are interested in exploring suppression; some discuss it, but never seem to get around to it. If partners have discussed this but dropped the ball on it, holiday time might be the perfect opportunity to pick it up again. Go for luxurious blindfolds, fancy cuffs or other restraints and soft feather dusters. If a couple is already engaged in basic bondage and interest has been expressed in taking it to a new level, perhaps this is the time to get more restrictive restraints, whips, etc.

Santa Xmas Pack

Innovative pack containing series of toys to spice up your sexual ecstasy this Christmas. This include condoms, Tuggie, candy-cane and different flavored lubes, jingle bell nipple clamp, stockings, etc. this pack contains every necessities that might be flouted during toys purchase.


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