Top 5 Anal Kits Products for Gays

Top 5 Anal Kits Products for Gays

        Unlike those old-fashion times when anal sex was a great taboo, more people are starting to explore the pleasures of backdoor stimulation, particularly men. The exploration of anal sex has given more sensational feelings for gay partners in enjoying ecstatic pleasures. Anal kits for gay is essentials in preparing both partners and get their body system ready for play. Once you’ve decided to improve your anal sex, you must learn the first and most important rule: Always go slow! With toys of varying shapes and dimensions, this list of top 5 anal kits for gay will help you explore new sensations gradually and safely.

        Beginner anal kits have everything newbies need, including portable, non-intimidating toys as well as larger, more “filling” options. To make sure your first time is enjoyable, begin with the smallest toy, and work your way up. Whether you’re a newbie to anal toys or simply looking to explore something different, follow this list of top 5 anal kits for gays.

Vibrating prostate massager

      This is a perfect sex toy for gays as it was specifically designed for men to stimulate their prostatic glands. If you ask any gay’s butt why they like to be fucked so much, it really comes down to one simple spot P-SPOT or as it is more commonly referred to as the prostate-gland. This is responsible for getting the juices flowing when you orgasm. Your P-Spot is also conveniently located about an inch inside your ass meaning, meaning that when you hit it just right you can trigger your body to orgasm almost instantly, and often much more intensely than you are used to. Even better prostate massagers are angled and shaped to target your prostate in just the right spot. This can make for some of the strongest orgasms you will ever have.

Anal Beads

        Anal beads are a sex toy belonging to the butt plug family, they are seen by most people as a feminine toy but it is not – it is perfect for any anal act regardless of gender. They usually take the form of a series of balls molded together, or joined by a piece of string. The balls will grow in size as you move down the toy, so as you insert it further into your anus they become larger and larger. Unlike butt plugs, you aren’t going to experience fullness or huge amounts of stretching by keeping anal beads inside you for extended periods of time. The appeal instead comes from the action of inserting and removing them. Anal bead insertion tends to much more deliberate, slowly opening and closing the anal sphincters to stimulate your nerve endings again and again. Vibrating anal beads are also available, bringing all the usual shaky goodness to your insides.

Butt Plugs

        Butt plugs are sex toys used for stimulation of the rectum. In essence, a butt plug is used as a beginner sex toy to help users ease their way into anal sex. In most cases, people use them to stretch and their sphincter muscles. They can also be worn both during sex and masturbation to increase sexual stimulation. The difference between a butt plug and a dildo is that a butt plug is usually shorter, and ends with a wide base or stem to stop it from inadvertently going all the way up the rectum. A plug may also be used for stimulation, as opposed to just for stretching. People with prostates can use them by angling them against their prostate and putting pressure on it.

Anal Dildo

        If you are adventurous and are looking for a gay sex toy closest to the real thing, then do yourself a favor and get yourself an anal dildo. What makes the Boy with Balls a true anal dildo for gay men is the curved shape which contours perfectly inside when inserted. The penis tip also comes to a nice tapered point allowing for easy insertion, and the head is shaped to hit your prostate in the right spot.

Douches Kits

       These useful anal hygiene devices are used to clean the anus before play to ensure that impurities are flushed out, ensuring a clean and fresh anal sex experience. Many find this process a highly erotic prelude to sex. Douche is just what your backdoor needs! The all silicone douche is seamless for smooth and easy penetration. The soft, flexible tip bends and twists to fit comfortably. It starts out super slender (measuring just 0.7 inch wide) for beginners and gradually grows up to 1 inch wide for more experienced users who are comfortable going deeper. The beaded design offers additional thrills as it slides in and out of your body. And a flared base limits how far down the tip can go for your safety. After you finish cleaning yourself out, remember to clean out your douche as well. Unscrew the tip and wash both parts thoroughly in hot water with antibacterial soap. Make sure the tip and bulb are completely dry before reassembling them for next time.

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